Surface Prep

What We Do

Traditionally surface preparation has been utilised across schemes for the removal of the historic paint Cathodic Protection Systems, and also to provide a suitable surface grade with which to apply cementitious overlays. Originally this was completed by grit blast process which then improved to a spinning head on a jetting lance and more recently utilising a “fan jet”
With an ultra High Pressure water pump that works up to 42,000 p.s.i. that has been specifically designed to capture both waste and water at the jetting head and with its unique frame the potential benefits/savings are as follows.

Benefits and Savings

  • Greatly reduces the total amount of water used (Approx. half water consumption used) Environmental Benefit
  • Up to 5x faster in completion than traditional methods Could save weeks of prelims on critical path structure as well as overall program savings to other elements
  • Potentially removing the requirement for the watertight containment on scaffold Cost/Program saving
  • Potentially removing the need for on site water treatment i.e. Silt buster cost Cost saving
  • Potentially removing the debris clean up process following current hydro demolition works Cost/Program saving + H+S Benefit by removalof process
  • Potentially removing the requirement of scaffold access during surface preparation Cost/Program saving + H+S Benefit by removalof process
  • Potentially giving a more uniformed finish which in turn would see less parent concrete removed and disposed of and also require less sprayed overlay material Approx. 20-30% + reduction of time to applyfor concrete sprayer + will benefit in thereduction of going over missed areas
  • Removal of the operator from the jet head Removal of the operator away from the jetting gun greatly reduces the Risk element of the activity for that individual and others in the vicinity potentiallybeing able to continue with other works.